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On February 29, 2016, Posted by , In Entreprenurship, With Comments Off on Change

Change, how do we handle it in our small quaint town? I believe without change we cannot grow, but how much change is a good thing? Change forces us to grow ie: new job, new business, moving in or out, or any new relationship. People and their lives are always changing. In the end, will it be for the good or will it just be different. Everything happens for a reason.
Undoubtedly, Uxbridge is an incredible place to live and grow. Now, do we love it for what it is now or do we allow change? I wonder how the founders of Uxbridge felt about changes. History would suggest that the town had to change to grow and sustain the businesses. But where do you stop and should you? It is the age old question of every municipal government. As the town grows so do the needs of the residents.

My 85 year old mom always said “you cannot stop change,” to which I agree, but you can control it. I guess our local councillors have the difficult task of finding that balance. As a resident I like Uxbridge the way it is, a quiet, safe and friendly community that has everything we need. As a business, zero growth is frightening. How do businesses stay afloat with ever increasing competition in brick and mortar and online sales. Yet, we have little increase in the population. Simple math says that will not work. So do we keep our quaint friendly town as is and support our local businesses, or do we allow faster growth. This is a question asked by many, I don’t have the answers, but only know when I travel, my favorite places to visit are quaint towns with lots of variety, shops, events and attractions.

I have great faith in the powers that be and suspect the residents and councillors of Uxbridge will find the balance we need to sustain the beauty, keep or add to the shopping variety and encourage visitors to our town. These visitors will help to keep our businesses growing by walking the trails, eating at our unique restaurants and shopping at our unique stores. Our larger chain stores have friendly staff that actually want to assist with your shopping experience, making Uxbridge’s big box stores a civilized experience that you will not get in the larger cities.
Change or no change, only time will tell.
Change is inevitable so let’s be thoughtful about building the new in Uxbridge.

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