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On August 10, 2014, Posted by , In Print, With Comments Off on Colours

Have you ever looked at a magazine and realized WOW!!!!! The WOW factor has a lot to do with colour.  Don’t get me wrong it is not the only factor but certainly one of huge significance.

When choosing colour consider eye-catching colours that blend well with your branding.  If you have not chosen your branding colours yet do some research, search the internet, get some inspiration.  You must be happy with the colours, find them eye catching and always remember you will have them for a long time.

Consider the large companies and what draws you to their page.  You will find colour plays a big roll on catching your eye.  The decision needs to be made whether to stick with your standard colours, heritage colours or some of the new bold colours.

I will suggest your product dictates that.  Are you promoting your antique store, if so heritage colours should be considered or are you promoting some new and trendy clothing line, in this case the new and trendy colours should be considered.

I cannot stress enough it is critical to spend the time and make sure you are happy with the result, your colours could and will be with you for long time, look at McDonalds, or Bell.


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