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For those of you who don’t know me I am in my 50s and decided it was time to venture into the world of entrepreneurship.  Scary:  absolutely!  In the end it is fun, fulfilling and adventurous.  I will attempt with this, hopefully weekly blog to share with you my experience and possibly educate you on how things can be very right and occasionally very wrong.

My journey began with a move to this small but friendly town of Uxbridge.  For those of you who are not local let me explain.  Uxbridge is a town of about 6600 families, 6600 families who are interesting, passionate, spiritual and fun.

I moved here intending to be closer to my mother who is elderly and needs a little help but being in my 50s (I hate saying that out loud) I am far to young and energetic to retire so after a relaxing period of time I searched for a business to purchase.

On this very poorly done website I found a local magazine, design firm available for sale.  After some negotiations we decided on a price and to my surprise I am now the owner of Sweet World Media and publisher of Uxbridge Town Talk.

It began easy enough, you negotiate a price, work out the details, present a letter of intent, check out the books.  With a lot of research, many meetings with lawyers and accountants you decide or not that this is the right purchase, the right price and the right person to buy from.

Your should know things can quickly change and for whatever reason can easily turn complicated.  Never are life’s experiences a waste but always there are surprises and in my case it was a lack of compatibility.  So you rework your plan, do whatever you have to do legally and move forward anyway, if you choose.  You must know it is always a choice, your choice.

Now you are the proud owner of a company, with no experienced person to help you through it.  So my creative side and mostly my stubborn side take over.  You learn a lot, fly by the seat of your pants and somehow manage to service the existing clients, complete outstanding work, and publish the magazine.

My intent with this blog is to share my experience, educate those of you considering purchasing a business and encourage you to move forward no matter what your age is.  It is the experience of a lifetime, one that I do not regret and would do again and again.

Stay tuned as I continue my blog and feel free to send me a note, the one thing I have learned is most people love to help myself included.

Until next time……..

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