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Online vs. Print

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Online vs. Print

On March 10, 2016, Posted by , In Entreprenurship, With Comments Off on Online vs. Print

March2016_cover-791x1024Our journey to change, online vs. print. As many of you have noticed Uxbridge Town Talk (published by Sweet World Media) is a bit late this month, Monday is the day!!!! We are sharing a sneak peak of our cover. This as always has been shot by John Cavers, Uxbridge’s local and very talented photographer.

This month Uxbridge Town Talk will only be available online, with links on Facebook or if you choose we can send the link directly to your email inbox. We hope you enjoy the new format one that we believe will expand our market.

Most of us are linked in some way to the internet; weather it be by our smartphones, I pads or computers, we find ourselves catching up with world news, reading articles about the stars or researching for a vacation, more and more of us use our connections to stay in touch. We can easily read while waiting at the doctors, getting our car serviced or simply while having lunch at our favorite local restaurant.

Best of all with an online version we can easily share what a great community Uxbridge is, the shops, the Trails and the restaurants; the list is endless. So please when Uxbridge Town Talk pops up on your Facebook page SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, it’s an easy way to support local business.

We hope you enjoy your online version for us it was a big step and one we believe will grow our audience, promote this great town and reduce the carbon footprint just a little.

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