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Social Media Ethics

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Social Media Ethics

On August 13, 2014, Posted by , In Social Media, With Comments Off on Social Media Ethics

I thought I would spend a little time discussing Social Media and Social Media ethics.

I am a great believer in promoting and sharing on Social Media, it’s  fantastic way to stay in touch with people we know. I have many friends and family, from around the globe, that I would not be in contact with, had we not had the social media option.  We share photos, highlights, insights, and good times.  I love to see what is happening in their lives. This is what I see as the good side of Social Media and it’s the side I love.

We now have many online options to share, and like myself, I hope you enjoy all of them. I bring this up to remind people that the internet is a powerful tool.  A tool that can make your business, cause it to prosper, get your name out and most importantly get people to know who you are.  This is fantastic!!! and a resource we at  Sweet World Media and Uxbridge Town Talk use, this too is the good side to Social Media.

Like all things in life, Social Media the good, the bad, and unfortunately, also the ugly.

Lets talk about the ugly side.  With Social Media there is a never ending stream of information, we see a lot, and nothing seems to be hidden.  I have frequently unliked or hidden posts, that I personally feel are inappropriate and not something I want to see.  A car accident, an animal being abused, a struggling child. All of these photos and information are available and constantly posted on Social Media.  Is it wrong?  Opinions strongly differ.  I don’t want to see this kind of reality, but that is my personal choice, and one that those of us on Social Media struggle with every day.”Freedom of Speech” and “Freedom of Expression” have never been more obvious.  My question, how far do we go and what is acceptable? This is where opinions differ.  For me I don’t want to see these things!!!  Lets be clear, it is not because I am in a bubble not wanting to know what is out there:  believe me I know.  My feelings are simple; because it upsets me. Another person’s pain, another animal’s pain or a child in pain, is something I honestly cannot handle.  With Social Media it is constant, constant tragedies, constant sadness and constant pain.  Unlike the days of no Social Media (some of you probably don’t remember),  we watched an hour of the evening news or read the newspaper. There was only one newspaper a day, it was not constantly being updated all day.  We are human, and with my experience, great human beings that are effected by the constant negative Media.  Am I wrong?  Maybe, but the wonders of the internet give me a voice, one which I wanted to share.

Ok, now the bad side, I am going to talk a little about responsible Social Media use.  As a example you go to a restaurant, have a meal and receive horrible service.  This happens to all of us.  Or a friend at school or at work is a jerk (yes they exist).  Do you post a bad review, do you bash your friend on Social Media? I say ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!.  Do you sense how strong I feel about this?  I hope so.  Social Media is a fantastic tool but you can single handedly make or break a business or destroy a person with one posting.  Is this right, NO!!!!!. Let us assume that you had a bad experience with a restaurant. I honestly believe every story has three sides, your story, the restaurant’s story, and of course, the real truth lies somewhere in between. Is the waiter having a bad day, did the cook? There are endless possibilities, we all have bad days. Please, if you have a problem with a friend, tell them; face to face. If you have a problem with a waiter, talk to the manager, maybe the waiter lost a friend or just isn’t feeling well.  As my 85 year old mother will say there is your truth, their truth and the real truth.  Posting on Social Media is strongly one sided and unfair but most important never removable.

Stay tuned for my next Blog where I will talk about the different Social Media options and how they benefit you.

Elaine Leigh

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